Special Repair of Wood Floor stained with something large black stain. Restoration/Refurbishing/Special Paint. Maintech System International Inc.

Hello, everyone!
Today, we introduce the special repair of wood floor stained with something large black spot. The owner of this apartment asked us to refurbishing this. Can we make it !? Then, Lets begin it !

The portion which should be recovered is about 1m × 1m in size. First, we sand this black stain to prepare for spraying polyurethane. A polyurethane coating builds a hard and strong membrane. So, It is suitable for the Japanese housing flooring.

Colorant is mixed with a polyurethane base coating and it sprays every single one board in different color. It becomes the natural result which was able to take harmony of the color by carrying out like this.

It sprays considering the balance of a fine color. The big spot disappeared completely and the result can be seen gradually !

Grain is written to the colored flooring. By carrying out like this , completeness is raised further ! Next, polyurethane topcoat is sprayed and gloss is adjusted.

Wax for floorings is carried out to the last and it completed !
The original naturalness of a flooring and brightness were able to be regained ! Please leave repair of wooden, metal, and other products (of a house) to us Maintech System Inc. !!!

We respect the background of things, values resources,
and promise to offer technology with the heart of gratitude.

2-28-8-1F Heiwa, Minami-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka,
815-0071, Japan

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