Professional refinishing of the bathroom limescale build up. Special polish / Restoration / Treatment β coatings. The request from a owner of the appartment. Maintech System International Inc.

Hollow, everyone !
Today, we introduce the special
refinishing requested by the
owner of the apartment. The
bathtub has been used for 25 years. So, limescale and a thing
like a white lump is sticking to
the surface.

Limescale is a filmy-white residue that builds up on surfaces that are in constant contact with hardwater.
Hard water contains calcium and magnesium that can build up on the surface of the bathtub. It's hard to remove it. So, you need  professional cleaning method to do it.

Begin by cleaning any other dirt, then, polishinng build-up. Next,
coating Treatmentβ-topcoat !
Treatmentβ is the highest level of
the clear-topcoating. High gloss,
superior impact resistance, chemical & water resistance ,
non-slip and super water repellent
                                                       performance. And, Treatmentβ has
three point that enables you to carry out coating safely ! No stinking, No noisy, No take time !

Please look at this amazing water
repelling performance !
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Topcoat-Treatmentβ is carried
out to the last and completed !
You know, The replacement of the bathtub is expensive more
than you can imagine !
 We were able to get the client
to be surprised impressively !
Please leave refinishing bathtub
and other products (of a house) to us Maintech System Inc. !

We respect the background of things, values resources,
and promise to offer technology with the heart of gratitude.

2-28-8-1F Heiwa, Minami-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka,
815-0071, Japan

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