Special Repair of furniture panel materials.Processing/Restoration/Special Paint.The request from Major furniture makers.Maintech system international Inc.

Hello, everyone!
Today, we introduce the special repair requested by major furniture makers.When attaching this, the craftsman has been mistaken inprocessing.
Can we restore this finely?
Then, Lets begin it !

The portion which should be recovered is about 100mm ×70mm in size. First, The molded oak material is inserted in. Grain is also united as much as possible. A minute crevice is not allowed, either.
For a good result,the foundation
is very important.

If size processing is completed,
Then, it will be removed again
and the color of a base will be
It is work with a feeling of
tension while imagining a result.

Then, the next is the work of 
obscuring the surroundings of 
an edge, drawing fine grain.
In this case, the base paint of
polyurethane is used.
It draws gradually and sprays
with a spray gun so that a
natural feeling may not be lost.

Topcoat paint is carried out to
the last and it completed !
We were able to get the client
to be surprised splendidly !
Please leave repair of wooden,
metal, and other products
(of a house) to us Maintech System Inc. !

We respect the background of things, values resources,
and promise to offer technology with the heart of gratitude.

2-28-8-1F Heiwa, Minami-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka,
815-0071, Japan

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